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  • ArmorDeck
  • ArmorDeck
  • HexaDeck
  • DuraDeck
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  • ArmorDeck
  • HexaDeck
  • DuraDeck
  • MegaDeck HD

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Portable Roadway Products

Vehicle traffic can quickly tear up even relatively firm ground, resulting in rutted, muddy conditions that are a nightmare for both vehicles and pedestrians to traverse. Signature's modular roadways are used to stabilize soft ground surfaces, providing improved access and traction for vehicles and pedestrians in sandy, muddy, and marshy areas. Depending on your specific requirements, we have several different systems available that will protect your personnel, equipment, vehicles, and any existing turf, increasing the safety and efficiency of your operation.

Traditionally, sheets of plywood are used as a jack-of-all-trades material to provide vehicle and pedestrian access. But while plywood is sometimes still used to create roadways, it is inferior to more modern alternatives available through Signature: our products will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate. While the initial costs of plastic can be higher, the durability of the products will allow you to rapidly recoup your initial outlay.

  • Create temporary roadways for forklifts, trucks, or heavy equipment.
  • Use to stage and park trailers, trucks, military and utility vehicles, equipment, modular offices and cranes, create administrative compounds and motor pools.
  • Modular design allows for roadways of any length.
  • Virtually eliminates rutting, soil compaction, and other damage to sensitive grass and turf.
  • Far superior to plywood: will not crack, splinter, warp, or get waterlogged.
  • Extremely durable: will last for hundreds of uses.
  • Simple to transport, deploys rapidly and easily.
  • Can handle extreme cold and heat for all-weather utility

Millions of square feet of our flooring systems are in use worldwide at military bases, relief centers, and base camps. Whatever your needs or environmental considerations, Signature has a modular roadway system with features engineered to meet them.


Portable Roadway and Access Products

  • ArmorDeck - Heavy-Duty Flooring and Portable Roadways
  • HexaDeck - Heavy-Duty Flooring and Portable Roadways
  • DuraDeck - Portable Roadways and Access Mats
  • MegaDeck HD - Heavy-Duty Composite Roadway Mats


portable roadways portable roadways

Nationwide and Worldwide Service

Signature offers its products for immediate Service nationwide and worldwide and is capable of reacting rapidly to emergency flooring requirements of any size.

Our rapid response team of professionals is experienced in deploying our flooring and roadway systems nationwide and worldwide. We are skilled at providing both tent flooring and access roadways/compound flooring.

We offer a turnkey service that includes all material, labor, transportation, and equipment handling. We work closely with all other on-site vendors and project managers to ensure every need is met in an efficient and timely manner.  We can construct wooden tent floors, plastic tent floors, carpeted tent floors, temporary roadways, portable parking lots , pedestrian walkways, and a variety of other floors.

We have provided flooring for base camps, inside and outside of tenting, for temporary repair facilities, warehouses, barracks, operations centers, and all types of other military and civilian camp sites.
No other company has the experience, crews, equipment , and organizational capabilities to effectively respond to today’s immediate needs.

Our company has material staged strategically at warehouses nationwide and can draw upon additional manufactured stock as needed during peak periods.