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Heavy duty, large-panel system features the most advanced engineered connection system

ArmorDeck™ (TD) is an ideal system for heavy-duty tent and shelter flooring and a temporary roadway system. ArmorDeck is an advanced engineered, large panel system designed to handle heavy loads and provide stability.

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ArmorDeck 1

ArmorDeck™ (TD1) with top drainage holes can be used for vehicle maintenance, showers, kitchens or anywhere where that drainage is required. TD1 can also be used as a base for cleaning tents, fabrics and other equipment – its top drainage holes allow dirty water to flow underneath the tiles and away from the material being cleaned.


ArmorDeck 2

Choose ArmorDeck 2 (TD2) without aeration holes for most shelter applications. TD2 can be used as a stand-alone floor or as a sub-floor for carpet or synthetic turf. Staple or tape carpet or synthetic turf right to ArmorDeck for the ultimate flooring combinations for large tents or shelters that require heavy-duty support. Use ArmorDeck as a firm and comfortable base for cots, chairs, tables and equipment over dirt, asphalt, gravel or other types of surfaces. ArmorDeck is an ideal shelter floor for common areas – such as dining halls, rec centers or areas that warehouse supplies, vehicles and equipment.


ArmorDeck 3

Choose ArmorDeck 3 (TD3) with the smooth top and additional bottom panel for applications that require extra support (TD3 can support weights up to 45,000 lbs per sq/ft) or for applications or environments that require additional protection from the elements (temperature and inclement weather).


Cable Channel System

Choose our Engineered Cable Channel system to safely and easily run power and Ethernet cables under the surface of your floor. Cable Access Covers cover your wiring and are easily removable to create access ports at various locations in each panel. Fully compatable with ArmorDeck.


ArmorDeck panels are a beefy 42” x 42” x 2” (useable area) and made of rugged and durable HDPE.

ArmorDeck is quick and simple to deploy. It’s unique integrated connection system is self-aligning and offers a Simple-Connect option designed for lightweight applications. Simply snap connect the loops for quick and simple deployments. For more heavy-duty applications, the system offers a Secure-Connect option that uses a proprietary plastic cam-lock system to tightly secure the panels and provide the ultimate in a rigid and sturdy shelter floor or portable roadway.

ArmorDeck is made of high-quality HDPE making it extremely durable and able to withstand most weather conditions. It is waterproof and it will not warp, splinter and there are no metal parts to rust or corrode. ArmorDeck panels do not have channels or dirt-catching surfaces and are simple to clean and require minimal maintenance.

ArmorDeck™ rapidly deploys in any environment

  • Large panels are designed for rapid deployment- use the Simple-Connect option (no tools) for most shelter flooring applications
  • Self-aligning sections snap together easily in both directions
  • Completely expandable and may be configured as required on-site
  • Transported and stored on standard shipping pallets for efficiency
  • System contours to the uneven ground conditions
  • Can be used as a portable roadway - robust enough to handle heavy weights, equipment, and vehicles
  • Flexible joints prevent breakage
  • Integrated bi-directional cable channel accommodates wires and power cables
  • A 20ft x 20ft shelter can be deployed in 20 minutes with 2 people
  • Simple to clean and maintain with hot or cold pressure washing
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant


ArmorDeck™ is manufactured using the highest quality materials

  • Made from the finest High Density Plastic (HDPE)
  • Reinforced with additives for added strength, flex modulus, and izod impact value.
  • Built in 5-year UV package prevents degradation and brittleness
  • Our cam locks are manufactured in proprietary plastic (others are made of plastic), providing considerable increased strength.