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Build a heavy-duty multi-level tactical command post anywhere

AlphaDeck™ is an ideal system for staging a tactical command center on the move. Create a tiered floor surface over varied terrain in virtually any configuration to maximize line-of-sight and organize personnel and work stations. This universal system is compatible with most other modular platform systems, but with enhanced features.



alphadeck platform
AlphaDeck platform

AlphaDeck platforms are versatile, rugged, and durable: each 4'x4' platform can support weights over 2,500 lbs. There are 2 standard-size modular decks available: 4ft x 4ft and 2ft x 4ft. Mix and match deck sizes to create platforms exactly to your specifications.

Each deck is made up of a rugged and durable galvanized metal frame and a removable deck insert. In addition, platform heights are fully adjustable from 4" to 48". With this built-in versatility, you can create nearly any size platform with any number of different heights.

Top surfaces are easily interchangeable – choose our standard, non-slip grey plywood top, have us make one for you, or you can design your own top. Carpet or turf can easily be attached to the plywood surface for a nearly infinite range of design possibilities.

Best of all, AlphaDeck can be expanded, reconfigured, and adjusted to accommodate different environments and equipment. And, since AlphaDeck is compatible with most other staging products, you can integrate AlphaDeck seamlessly into your existing system.

alphadeck frame
AlphaDeck steel frame

AlphaDeck’s frames are made out of rugged galvanized steel (painted black) to provide a sturdy and durable support system that will last for years. AlphaDeck is the only tactical platform that features a galvanized steel cross-beam, providing a much stronger and more stable surface. The frame will not rust or erode in any environment.


alphadeck cam
AlphaDeck cam lock

AlphaDeck is easy to assemble and connect, and was engineered for simple assembly using only one small hand tool. A simple, yet sturdy, cam-lock system connects the decks securely on all four sides enabling nearly anyone to quickly create a professional-looking tiered platform system in just a few hours.


alphadeck leg
AlphaDeck adjustable leg

Adjustable legs allow you to vary deck heights easily between 4" and 48". Reconfigure your tactical command center to accomodate rows of chairs or computer work stations.


AlphaDeck™ offers a full line of accessories to complete your tactical command post

alphadeck foot
AlphaDeck rubber foot

Optional rubber feet provide a more stable structure while protecting the surface beneath.

alphadeck hole
AlphaDeck drop hole

Optional drop holes allow you to neatly run wires and cables beneath the platform for a safer working environment.

alphadeck rail
AlphaDeck safety rail

Sturdy safety rails are a must and are easily installed and removed.

alphadeck ramp
AlphaDeck ramp

Graduated ramps allow easy access for heavy equipment, vehichles, and wheelchairs. The diamond tread pattern adds extra traction and safety.

alphadeck stairs
AlphaDeck stairs

Add stairs to each level of your platform system for maximum accessablility. The diamond tread pattern adds extra traction and safety.


alphadeck specs